Azlo Bank Alternatives for Small Businesses

If you're an Azlo bank user like us, you've probably already heard the disappointing news that they're shutting down. Azlo published its own article on banking alternatives in light of the news, but we decided to share our own list based on our own  findings.

We narrowed our search to the following banks - Novo, NorthOne, Mercury, BlueVine, and Lili.

Novo checks the most boxes for our particular needs:

  • Stripe integration: credit card payments automatically push to the checking account
  • Wave integration: bank transactions sync with our accounting software, making our monthly reconciliation easier
  • Zapier integration: we can sync payments to our custom CRM in Airtable
  • No monthly or transaction fees
  • Mobile app for check deposits


Novo positions itself as a bank for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. We like it the best due to its integrations and lack of fees.


NorthOne appears to have the most robust set of integrations and has an API, but charges a $10/monthly fee.


Mercury is positioned for startups and tech companies. Like NorthOne, it provides "open banking" and has an API.


Our impression of BlueVine is that it is closer to a traditional bank, and does not provide all of the digital features we need.


Lili is geared towards freelancers and lacks most of the capabilities we need in an online bank.

Finally, because we love Airtable and organizing our thoughts as data, we put together a visual summary of Azlo's alternatives (if you think anything here is missing or inaccurate, please let us know!).

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