How We Use Agile Marketing

At Twindeavor, we’ve combined our experiences in marketing and software development to devise a work process for managing successful marketing strategies for small businesses.

What is Agile Marketing?

Agile marketing applies agile software development principles to marketing. This methodology of development focuses on the satisfaction of user needs by releasing software early and often, allowing requirements and solutions to evolve over time through collaboration, and responding to feedback and change in iterative cycles.

Agile is typically deployed using a practice called scrum, where cross-functional team members use a basic framework to achieve their goals:

·      Backlog: a list or break down of work to be done

·      Sprint: the work from the backlog that will be addressed in the next 2-week cycle

·      Stand up: a daily, 15-minute check in of team members on work progress to encourage collaboration and uncover any blockers

Why is agile important for digital marketing?

In an increasingly digital world where people are spending more time online than ever relative to other forms of media, evolving your digital marketing tactics in response to change and information is critical. A marketing practice that requires long planning cycles is not one conducive to success in this reality. On the contrary, an iterative approach has many benefits:

·      Risk mitigation by avoiding large big bet projects

·      Involvement through collaboration and transparency

·      Business insights through data sharing

·      Flexibility and customization to marketing efforts

How do we apply agile marketing?

Our process is straightforward:

·      Understanding the goal of your business or project

·      Analyzing any data we can get our hands on

·      Proposing a prioritized list of digital strategies and campaigns for discussion

·      Iterating through the work, with constant collaboration and transparency, sharing of results and next steps

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that don't work.
- Thomas Edison
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