Why We Launched Twindeavor

Hello, and welcome to Twindeavor!

We are Dan and Ivy Meehan, and we hope that our complementary backgrounds are able to bring a fresh offering to web and marketing services. Our goal is to generate reciprocal value by helping small businesses with their digital presence and in turn learn about the challenges that they face.

We’ve spent the last several months iterating through ideas on how we can launch a business together. We were - and still are - hesitant to launch for fear of not being ready, but realized through working on a few small projects that we can help small business owners.

We have many ideas in the works, including a podcast based in Austin, Texas.

Anyway, enough writing. We'll be doing plenty of that. Please watch our launch video!

We are offering free consultations to learn about your business and to make ours better. Please contact us to schedule yours.

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