What is a No Code Agency?

The Rise of the No Code Agency

No code agencies are on the rise. Why? They accomplish two main objectives as an alternative to traditional software development, which uses code and the management of back-end databases by professional developers.

  • Cost savings - no code projects can accomplish many of the same objectives of traditional development at a fraction of the cost
  • Rapid prototyping - uncertainty in validation of developing the right product can be mitigated by building a minimum viable product with no code tools

No code agencies are on the rise with leaders such as 8020 no code agency. Their viability is evident.

No Code Technology

No code tools can provide a variety of software solutions and as Hackernews writes, the players in the space abound:

  • Website builders - Webflow (what our website is built in), Wordpress, Squarespace
  • E-commerce - Shopify, Wix
  • Web apps - Bildr, Bubble
  • Mobile apps - Glide, Adalo, Draftbit
  • Automations - Zapier, Integromat
  • Databases - Airtable, Google Tables
Webflow is a leader in the no code community.

At Twindeavor, we use no code tools to solve problems for our clients - but also to run our own agency with efficiency. The reason we started an agency was because we're confident we can extend our own work to help small businesses scale their specialties in their niche, and focus less on day-to-day tasks. Some of our automation examples:

  • Calendar bookings directly on our website
  • Lead collection into our CRM (Airtable) from a chatbot on our website
  • Contact form submissions into our CRM
  • Proposal and contract document automation from our CRM
  • Slack reminders for upcoming contract renewals
  • Emailed website traffic reports

No Code Consultants and No Code Makers

Don't want to run an agency? Another option is to be an individual no code maker and do consulting or freelancing. Success in the no code marketplace can be had with a variety of strategies.

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